Thursday, September 22, 2022

No Bail for January 6 Protestors But 50 Grand Bond For Killing a "Right Wing Extremist" With a SUV

 In a world where there are two standards of justice one for Blues and the other for Reds
We are suffering the unwanted consequences of Lady Justice having her blindfold from the scales of justice shed
41 year old Shannon Brandt had had too much to drink
Got into a political argument with 18yr Cayler Ellingson not wanting to hear what Caylor chose to think
Ran him over on purpose with his SUV and fled the scene
Knowing people with Cayler had the attack seen
Returned to call 911 to tell the dispatcher he had hit Cayler because a “right wing extremist group” was pursuing him
Then left before the first responders arrived to Cayler try to save
To the nearest hospital only to fail to the morgue and then to the grave
The news reports of the attack and accident did not mention “a right wing extremist group”
Unsure why not as this would support Biden’s attack on MAGA’s and would be a newsworthy scoop
Brandt was soon arrested and charged with leaving the scene and  DUI vehicular homicide
And sent to jail to there awaiting arraignment reside
But being threatened by  “right wing extremists” is a worthy card to  get of jail
On January 6 many of those protestors arrested were held for long periods  without bail
But Brandt’s case since “right wing extremists” are not worthy of protection he walked on a bond of 50 grand
Hopefully he is not an antifa type thug and will not flee but no wonder Reds believe two standards of law in this land

© September 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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