Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Only Shooting That Support Need For More Gun Control Make the MSM Headlines


When a mass shooting occurs, especially one at school, the media quickly descends
Quicker that a school of piranha attacking a swimming animal to the life quickly end
TV cameras in droves, witnesses becoming new stars for a few moments of fame
Describing the death and destruction and carnage from the gunshot flames
Then as certain as the Sun will on the morrow in the East rise
A call for more gun control that most likely would not have prevented the innocents demise
But in two types of shootings the media rarely in any force appears
First the deadly men of color shooting men of color than causes urban residents to live in fear
Clearly the killings over gang turf or drugs wars trump the number of mass shooting by far
The deaths create few headlines or victims’ names and certainly no instant 15 minutes of fame media stars
The second type rarely merits coverage because the narrative for more gun control it does not support
When an armed citizen in self-defense or to a deadly crime aborts
Buried in the back pages where it won’t give support for the 2nd Amendment a boost
Which in urban cities we need more than ever as crime in white neighborhoods is coming home to roost
Since a good man shooting and evil one with a gun is rarely revealed
Explains why Governor Hochul can proclaim that era is over and to more gun control we must kneel
Here is a link to good people with guns
Stopping evil people with guns as their crime has begun

© September 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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