Saturday, September 10, 2022

With Nothing to Run on Vincente Gonzalez Claims Fellow Hispanic and Rising Red Star Myra Flores Stole Her Special Election


When it comes to double standards and hypocrisy the Blues have no shame
Vincente Gonzalez who is facing rising Hispanic Red Star Mayra Flores played the stealing an election game
She won in the special election in district that has been Blue since almost the beginning of time
Exposing the voters to the Blues’ inflation, open border with drugs and human trafficking and being soft on crime
Her message was an easy one to sell
Especially with a president whose dementia is easy to tell
Gonzalez intoned the election was stolen not by fraud but because the Blues were outspent
Ignored of course the millions of campaign dollars the liberal Blue PACs have sent
Gonzalez is oblivious to the fact that Hispanics want border security and safety too
They are smart enough to know with over 2 million illegals our social safety net is ripped through and through
Whatever credibility Gonzalez may have had it was lost
He was standing next to Lying Adam Schiff who the truth always shredded and tossed

© September 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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