Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Biden and Jill Ignore the Ease of Mail In Absentee Voting to Use Air Force One For Round Trip to Vote in Person


You have to hand it to Biden who rails that climate change is an existential threat
We must all do our part to in the reduction of carbon to aid and abet
One would think that the bully pulpit of carbon reduction from Biden we would see
Sadly the role of carbon reduction warrior is not for him only for mere mortals like me
Doubt it’s a carbon reduction plan rather than a means to generate voter fraud
But Biden is a tireless proponent of absentee balloting which he lauds
So when it comes time to vote in Delaware does he his ballot mail in
Hoping that his Blue primary winner will in the general also win?
No, Biden at taxpayer expense boards a jet so he can fly to Delaware and in person his vote cast
Any supporter of the Blue’s War on Climate Change should rightfully be aghast
Biden’s idea of fighting climate change is to fly to Delaware to vote in a 757 smaller version of Air Force I
Less costly to operate and less carbon emissions but still sounds like hypocrisy being spun
Hopefully for this quick round trip that mere mortals would have used the mail
To avoid the staggering costs and disruption a presidential flight would entail
The Biden campaign will pony up the cost
But for the voters his hypocrisy will not be lost

© September 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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