Wednesday, September 7, 2022

In 2013 Fetterman as a mayor chased down an unarmed black thinking he was a robber and leveled a shotgun at him


Governor Hochul is idiotically proclaiming for her state that the day of the good man with a gun
Stopping an evil man with one at least in Times Square now a gun free zone is over and done
In Pennsylvania in a new Oz ad condemning Fetterman as not a good man with a gun
But chasing an unarmed black thinking he was a criminal and pointing a shotgun at his chest but as a reckless one
How many times have our race relations come under attack
With armed whites chasing and shooting unarmed blacks?
Fetterman is playing the stroke recovery card to the max to from a debate hide
Terrifying that with his stroke impaired ability he will be befuddled and tongue-tied
Unable to his ultra-undefendable  leftist policies even try to explain or justify
The voters are entitled to see and hear the candidates explain and debate their vision for the state
nd in Fetterman’s case to see and judge how well the stroke effects his doctors have been able to abate
We all should hope he has a full recovery no matter how long it takes
But electing him with his far left policies that recovery will not shed will be a grave mistake

© September 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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