Monday, September 12, 2022

First Hunter and the "Big Guy" Links to the CCP Now We Fined Hack John Podesta, Biden's New Climate Change Czar, with Almost $400 Billion to Spend Has High Level Links with the CCP


The Iron Curtain that kept Hunter’s relationships with the Chinese concealed
Is quickly rusting away to show that the “Big Guy” and Chinese compromise was not Russian propaganda but real
The New York Post’s exposé of Hunter’s lap top revealing his connections with the CCP
Was ignored by the MSM and banned by social media so very few voters the scandal were able to see
Worse in a chilling attempt to destroy our First Amendment our now politicized FBI
Was urging social media to ban the story because it was Russian disinformation on which the voters must not rely
John Podesta who is believed by many to be the epitome of a biased ends justify the means political hack
Now has been appointed as Biden’s climate change czar with almost $400 billion to Biden’s climate change plans back
Podesta is a great friend and fan of
Tung Chee-hwa,  who has high level links with the CCP
As Podesta quickly goes on a climate change spending spree don’t be surprised if a lot of Chinese made solar panels and wind turbines we will see
The biggest threat to our democracy is not a bunch of voters in red hats who believe
In a secure border, lower taxes, less inflation, safer cities and the greatness the nation can achieve
And who really want to unify the country as blacks and Hispanics are dumping in droves the Blues
Finally after decades of abandonment and being taken for granted are tired of being screwed
To vote in higher and higher numbers for the Reds
Unwilling to buy the socialism the Blues are trying to spread
© September 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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