Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Senator Hirano Blowing the Dog Whistles of Violence Against Pro-Life Supporters Who Should Fear For Their Safety


As the rhetoric and violence continues to rise off the charts
And Jane’s Revenge is claiming attacks on at least 18 pro-life centers that it took part
At a time when our leaders should be trying to ramp down the rhetoric before someone is killed
Senator Hirono of not only women must be heard but also believed is raising a call to arms in voices shrill
Responding to Senator Graham’s proposed bill to after 15 weeks abortions ban
With exception for rape, incest and threats to the mother’s help to withstand
She does not debate the merits only raises against pro-life movement a call to arms
Sure sounds like a call to cause pro-life supporters grave bodily harm
With pro-choice zealots like those at Jane’s Revenge already running lose
Senator Hirono’s call will very likely deadly attacks induce
Like so many Blues who feel they are in a safe seat
Believes she can blow the dog whistles for violence and not face defeat
This senator’s rants and calls for violence are a complete disgrace
Censure would be appropriate as we have to wait to in 2024 try to her replace

© September 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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