Saturday, September 17, 2022

Word Salad Queen Refuses Again To Comment on Illegals on D.C. Buses But Second Man Pipes In That It Is a Shameful Stunt la


The Word Salad Queen was once again speechless and refused again to respond
On more illegals being transported from the border to near her Naval Observatory
But the 2nd Man minced no words calling the busing “shameful” and a “political stunt”
If the comment was to be received like a swing for the fences it was more like a fouled off two strikes attempted bunt
He ranted that leaders in border states should be concentrating on improving the lives of the residents of their state
Been around the border is secure blind woman too long and oblivious to the efforts to get Biden to the illegals wave abate
How can we respect over 2 million illegals who have entered this year
Almost all of whom whose false claims of asylum due to economic hardship in immigration court years from now will never appear?
Bowser the Mayor of Washington D.C.
On the buses appearing has declared an emergency
To provide for needed funds and services to the illegals for free
While our own citizens who are homeless are in tents in filth mostly at sea
Bowser is oblivious to the idea that charity first at home begins
Not first to the illegals crossing who all manner of aid and support win

© September 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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