Monday, September 19, 2022

In a Victory For Free Speech, 5th Circuit Upholds Texas Law Banning Censorship By Large Social Media Giants


The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in its superior wisdom has chosen to the 11th Circuit not follow
In a case brought by Meta to invalidate Texas’ HB20 which bans censorship by social media giants its argument refused to swallow
The court ruled that the right of free speech is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights
And administered on Meta and its argument for censorship last rites
Conservatives across the nation have known for years
Social media giants  hiding behind algorithms will not allow conservative thought to appear
Or will severely limit the ability of such ideas to be shared
Leading the population to believe ideas opposing the left are not there
In Florida the 11th Circuit has evidently ruled the other way
Social media giants can political speech of candidates and supporters refuse to display
There is now a split circuit which increases the likelihood SCOTUS will hear the two cases
In today’s world if a person or his or her ideas are banned that person from the body politic is for all intent and purposes erased
Social media giants are utilities distributing not electricity, phone service or gas
But the distribution of all manner of communications that unless illegal or hate speech should censorship by-pass
Preventing social media giants from censoring content not illegal or hate speech would democracy nourish
The marketplace of ideas to expand and flourish

© September 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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