Friday, September 30, 2022

Legislation Sought By Reds and Blues Restricting Stock Trading by House Members Held Up By Pelosi Until After the MidtermsBupbbt b


Members of the House and Senate used to be called public servants which them misnamed
More accurate label would be traders on inside information in the personal enrichment game
Members of Congress especially those in the commerce and finance committees
Knowing the effects of pending legislation can go on personal enrichment trading sprees
Look at the increase in net worth of members of Congress or their spouses from stock market gains
Even if no prior investment experience with their access to information the gains are explained
Pelosi’s husband Paul of DUI instead of taking Uber fame
Has made millions on trades of companies seeking or the targets of legislation to their activities tame
The existing legislation prohibiting the appearance of trading on inside information is woefully weak
Bipartisan legislation by both Blues and Reds by House Members concerned over investment conflicts trying to seek
Has been held up and delayed by a wealthy Pelosi until after the midterms
She must be oblivious to the growing outrage of how House members use their positions to on stock transactions massive amounts earn
Being a House member has sadly become a career
With safe districts and incumbent fund raising advantages why we should fear
The Founding Fathers thought members of the House would briefly serve
Then return to their farms or businesses to private enterprise practice and preserve
September 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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