Monday, September 5, 2022

Sara Sidler Is the New Breed of CNN's Real Journalists Pursuing Objectivity Not Advocacy


Chris Licht’s desire to move CNN back to a more objective journalism mode
Seems to be bearing fruit as another CNN journalist on Twitter on FBI bias has chosen to unload
If our once vaunted and respected FBI has been corrupted by partisanship
We should be outraged as into a very dangerous place we are starting to slip
CNN correspondent Sara Sidner is raising questions that the FBI’s investigation of Hunter Biden is on a partisan hold
His laptop which the FBI falsely informed MSM and Social Media was Russian Propaganda trying to influence the election taking hold
The emails on the laptop despite Biven’s strait faced denial that he had no contact with Hunter’s business dealings showed that he lied
With the laptop story banned on social media and ignored by MSM the 10% reserved for the “Big Guy” from any scrutiny was whisked by
Keeping voters in the dark like mushrooms
Most likely resulted in Trump being ejected from the Oval Office room
 Chris Licht is truly the new objectivity news sheriff in town
So CNN will no longer be viewed as a bunch of sycophant clowns
Biden’s idiotic and lying mouthpiece Jean-Pierre
Will be forced to on the hot seat more time share
And the FBI and DOJ honchos should be feeling the wrath
Of patriotic whistle blowers outraged over their increasingly partisan path

© September 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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