Tuesday, September 13, 2022

An Out of Touch Biden Celebrates the Inflation Reduction Act as Inflation Rises to 8.3%

 Once again Biden shows when it comes to reality, he is out of touch
Today celebrated the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act as inflation causing a lot of grutch
Inflation is still with us and rising to 8.3 percent
Inflation in food costs almost twice that amount causing agony when to the grocery stores we went
The only things subject to Reduction in the act are our savings and peace of mind
Unchecked inflation to wipe out our savings and 87,000 new IRS agent to toss us into the audit grind
Biden is totally wrong there is nothing on the inflation front to celebrate
Nor will there be if Biden’s spending spree of billions does not abate
Biden’s fiscal insanity of tossing more dollars on the inflation flames
Leaves the fed with its arm tied behind its back limited to raising interest rates to inflation try to tame With 30 year mortgage rates climbing above 5 percent Housing sales and construction will collapse as the market becomes broken and bent Any doubt about being in a recession has faded away Smart money believes 3rd Quarter GNP falling and economic problems are here to stay 

© September 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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