Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Memphis PD Failed to Investigate Properly 2021 Rape Alleged to Have Been Committed by Fletcher's Alleged Murderer


A lawsuit filed against the Memphis Police Department will not bring Lisa Fletcher back
But it would send out a chilling message to police who fail to investigate a rape attack
Cleotha Abston for a violent kidnapping was sentenced at age 16 to serve 24 years
The judge was clear that he could until the entire sentence was served from prison into the public appear
Instead without a parole hearing or any conditions to an early release on him placed
He was released from prison after 20 years and had his victim not died his release would have been opposed
20 years in prison must have done little for him to mend his criminal ways
Not too long after his release his past criminal behavior was on display
Set up a blind date on a dating app and when the victim arrived he pulled a gun and forced her into a vacant apartment to be raped
She contacted the police who took a rape kit and received suspect’s name and dating app phone believing from justice the rapist would not escape
The victim was according to the cops “a young ordinary black girl” without wealthy or influential family or friends
Their investigation for all intent and purposes after sending rape kit to the state but without request for expedited processing came to an end
The kit sent on September 21, 2021 sat at the state unexamined until June, coming back of August 30, 2022 which quickly revealed him to be the rapist in 2021
Sadly too late for Fletcher’s husband and kids to have prevented the Fletcher killing he is alleged to have done
Fletcher would be alive today as had the Memphis PD done their job he would have been awaiting trial
Now he sits wondering if he will after conviction be walking the green mile
The 2021 rape victim has also just sued the Memphis PD
Adding to the fact too often two standards of justice for perpetrators but also for victims we see
The color of a victim’s skin or the thickness a victim’s billfold
Should never impact whether a criminal investigation is lackluster or pedal to the metal bold

© September 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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