Saturday, September 24, 2022

Jane's Revenge Is Attacking Pro Life Centers and Threatening More Violence But Escapes Domestic Terrorist Designation


The melody of the dog whistles of semi-fascists and domestic terrorist are still being heard
The violence from the pro-choice side on the abortion debate has become absurd
Jane’s Revenge which supports abortion and violence against supporters of pro-life
Has unleased on pro-life centers a level and frequency of attack that have become rife
17 attacks on pro-life centers have resulted in not one arrest
Probably emboldened by their attacks the thugs in an open letter suggest
It's open season on pro-life centers that do not close their doors
And the violence will not be erased by cleaning off blood or fake gore
In Michigan an 84 year old female volunteer passing out pamphlets against a proabortion measure
Was shot in the arm by someone upset the person had the temerity to abortion oppose who showed his displeasure
Firebombing and defacing pro-life centers is really a disturbing trend
By their silence in condemning one has feeling Blues could care less if it does not end
In their sick minds it is a one issue lightning rod to drive the base to the polls
Ignoring the loss of decency and ability to debate which will take their toll

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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