Saturday, September 10, 2022

Ursin Would Be Alive Today If Judge Martin and Judge Glass Would Have Revoked His Killers Bail and Sent Them Back to Jail on Pending Murder Charges


In this nation with its rule of law an accused is innocent until his guilt has been rendered by a jury of his peers
How can you justify keeping an accused in jail before trial when then a not guilty verdict appears?
A delicate balance between the accused's presumed innocent rights
And the fear the accused will continue to commit crimes or take flight
The mantra of the left is that of the need to the criminal justice system reform
Where minority members are charged with crimes above the norm
The left’s solution for reform is reduced or cashless bail
Which the putting charged criminals back on the street entails
Or worse changing felonies to misdemeanors with no time before trial in jail
And as we have seen concern for citizens’, cops’ or victims’ safety is derailed
A recent example in Harris County of the death of an off duty deputy
Shot and killed on road after picking up take out, the latest victim of the leftist push for equity
Omar Ursin is alleged to have been shot by Ahsim Taylor Jr. and Jayland Womack
Two shooters each charged with prior murders and with Taylor violating the terms of his bond reduced from $200,000 to 75 grand but to jail not sent back
Womack’s bond was a miniscule 35 grand and he quickly violated its terms
Taken back into custody but with an increased bond of 75 grand his pretrial freedom earned
2 20 year old violent murder suspects that should never have been let back on the streets
Thank God like a one bite rule, the courts will be able to deny bail to rot in jail until a jury verdict they meet
Wonder how Judge Amy Martin and Judge Greg Glass can look at themselves in the mirror As a result of their rulings not keeping these felons in jail to cause Ursin's death, voters should vote both of them out of office on their ears

© September 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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