Thursday, September 22, 2022

If Reds Keep the Narrative on Inflation, Crime and Open Borders They Will Win Lose If Diverted by Abortion and Threat to Democracy Spinpen borinflation


If the Reds can keep the election narrative on inflation, crime and open borders they will win
But if the narrative is consumed by the abortion and threat to our democracy spin
There is a great chance that the expected Red Wave will peter out
Worse the Blues may add one or more Senators to the filibuster rout
2 more years of Biden unchecked in any manner by the House and Senate so hard in 2024 to have the ship come about
Blues have come to realize crime is their Achilles heel
Daily in public almost anywhere, in church, in school or in a car fear on safety we have to deal
But to stay elected the Defund the Police Blues are like chameleons and their colors shed
But their new colors are only on the surface and poet election will be gone which if one has a memory they will vote RedThe ability to have an abortion is a weighty issue that a woman will not face every day
If on contraceptives and sexually active should not be a concern until the pills are put away
Daily we have to face the consequences of the inflation is only transitory fable
While struggling very hard to be able to put food on the table
Threat of democracy is a valid concern as it must be preserved
But who is the greater threat parents concerned over education and labeled domestic terrorists a label not deserved
Or a highly politicized Biden’s DOJ?
Willing to sic the FBI on anyone who stands in Biden’s way?
Should not we be outraged over more than 2,000,000 illegals each year
And a tidal wave of deadly drugs like fentanyl we should really fear?
Over $20 Billion in services on them having to be spent
Overcrowding emergency rooms, classrooms and shelter while our homeless are living in tents
Our cities and states social services for their residents are under a crippling attack
With the demands of over 2,000,000 illegals and counting the necessary funds the cities and states lack
 © September 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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