Monday, September 19, 2022

Inflation Full Speed Ahead and the Recession Grows and Is not Near Dead


While it is becoming increasingly clear that the inflation beast has not been tamed
Increasing and putting all the Biden’s pronouncements it was “transitory” to shame
The FED handicapped by the trillions in excess federal spending that Biden has injected
Has only one weapon, raising interest rates to the rising inflation rates to be deflected
On Tuesday we get the data on the number of housing starts that are expected to be in decline
As mortgage interest rates continue to increase with increased payments to bring gloom and whine
Rising interest rates will the increase in inflation begin to slow
But a real fear is that the economy now for three quarters will continue to decrease not grow
It is believed that Biden with his executive order pen
Has caused an additional 1.5 trillion dollars the feds will spend
With our national debt having soared to new record heights
We will be handicapped to spend more dollars to ease the wave of illegals’ plight
And God help us if to protect Taiwan against China we must fight
While continuing to save Ukraine from the wounded Bear’s might
And worse having not enough money to address charity at home
Where thousands upon thousands of homeless in tent cities of filth roam
© September 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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