Saturday, September 24, 2022

All Hands on the Blue Deck As Latinos Increasingly Are Heading to the Reds Instead of Blues


The alarm bells in the DNC are finally starting to ring
As each day news of more Latinos shifting to Reds bring
Beto whose campaign has been sidelined by a bacterial infection
Is blasting Biden for the Latinos from the party to Reds defection
Blues for years have taken for granted the Latino and black vote
They never anytime to their issues or needs would devote
Blacks living in urban shooting galleys their safety ignored
Daily dodging the gun shots bringing blood and gore
Watching their kids in basic skills falling further and further behind
While the teachers’ unions, who fund Blues, to the damage caused by viral learning were blind
When Biden at last minute is restarting some construction on the Border Wall
Too little too late to the shift from Blues to Reds block or stall
To make America great again Reds know we need a big tent
For all Americans who want safe streets, good schools, less inflation, secure border and less federal money spent
The Reds’ Commitment to America really makes sense
Watch more and more Blues to Reds crossing over the fence

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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