Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Lemon Making a Fool of Himself on Reparations and Climate Change Causing Ian' Intentsification


Listening to the Blues pitch the reasons to them elect
Is like a server at a fast food restaurant trying to get you to the combo select
For Blues any adverse event can to climate change be linked
Lemon with Hurricane Ian gaining strength was try to the intensification with climate change sync
On his low rated show
Where very few viewers go
Lemon was trying to get the National Hurricane Center’s acting head
To link Ian’s intensification to climate change as Ian toward land was moving ahead
His guest refused to take the bait to on climate change Ian’s growing strength blame
Lemon having grown up in Florida must have thought
He was an expert on the dangers climate change has supposedly wrought
Jamie Rhome was quick to Lemon’s linkage of Ian to climate change dismiss
Time not to discuss climate change but if not concentrate on surviving he would be remiss
Impossible to link climate change to one weather event
No wonder Lemon is being to the rating doghouse being sent
Now 0 for 2 after foolishly ranting to his guest Hillary Fordwich of the monarchy’s reparations need
She reminded him that Africans and Arabs were the enslavers to blacks’ freedoms impede
That Britain was first to abolish slavery at home in 1807 and in 1838 in the Empire
That 2000 British seamen battling slave ships had their lives expire
Leaving Lemon speechless without responsive words
Just as well as almost everything he says is absurd
© September  28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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