Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Judge Sentenced Fletcher's Killer to 24 Years With No Early Release How Did the Prison Blow It to Let This Killer Go Free


Every time it seems we read the news a Soros backed D.A. soft on crime
Either refuses to prosecute or fails to enhance to seek a longer sentence time
Or before the ink is dry on the arresting officer’s report the alleged felon is released on cashless bail
Where awaiting trial that person’s criminal proclivities will still prevail
Now in the tragic kidnapping murder of Lisa Fletcher we learn
That her killer Cleotha Abston’s sentence required that no early release he could earn
Due to his violent criminal past starting at age 12 and enhanced in 2000 with his  kidnapping at gunpoint
The sentence by the judge of 24 years meant exactly 24 years he would serve in the Big Joint
It was first thought he was released on parole but that was not the case
A grieving family and inquiring media want to know what mistakes occurred to have him released early in the first place
Had the state prison followed the judge’s sentence Abston would be still rotting in his cell
And two young kids would have a loving mother to them bedtime stories to tell
The Fletcher family probably does not the money require
And the pain of a wrongful death suit may cause them to the idea retire
But the state blew it and a young mother is too soon dead
To enhance accountability this poet hopes a wrongful death suit proceeds ahead

© September 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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