Wednesday, September 7, 2022

A Good Man with a Gun Shooting an Evil Man with One Proves Governor Hochul Is Still an Idiot


Governor Hochul has idiotically proclaimed the day of a good man with a gun
To prevent an evil one with a gun is now over and done
Her standing as one of the top ten fools increases does not slow or go into demise
To confirm that one needs only to look at Arizona, in the town of Surprise
A gathering of friends and families at a residence to celebrate the 4th of July
30 people including Raul Mendez, his two young daughters and pregnant wife and a neighbor of the host who had stopped by
Great food and drinks and watching the kids play
Could not be a better way waiting for fireworks to celebrate Independence Day
When without warning the neighbor opened fire hitting Mendez as he turned in the head
Falling to the ground covered with blood his wife thought he was dead
Grabbed her kids to join others in a bedroom hiding as shots rang out
Two brave women were fighting the shooter and for Mendez calling many shouts
Knew he had a concealed gun carry permit
The proverbial good man who could make the shooter quit
Severely wounded and bleeding profusely with only one working eye
Managed to draw his gun, get to his feet and put four rounds in the shooter’s chest to die
Before 911 responders could be called and arrive and before this good man was able to react
Two of his friends died and four were severely wounded by the neighbor’s unprovoked attack
Thank God Arizona has the commonsense witTo allow good men to force evil ones shooting to quit

© September 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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