Sunday, September 4, 2022

Used to Cell Phone Lithium Batteries into Flames and EV's and Now Amazon Solar Roofs--Slow Down the Green New Deal????


In the not too distant past
Viewers watching cell phones burst into flames were aghast
Now some EV owners are being told to park the vehicle outside
So if it bursts into flames the house attached to the garage and everything in it will not be fried
About the same time Amazon is telling us that some of its solar panels on its warehouses’ roof tops
Are bursting without notice into flames and are hard even with firetrucks to contain and stop
Could it be the Climate Change Warriors with the Climate Change Warriors’ VC
Are moving this green new deal transformation far quicker than it should be
Already in California we are hectored to not charge EV’s and cell phones from 4-9
Can on only imagine how much demand when forced sales of EV’s become the law of the law?
Newsom’s headlong rush to reach the zero carbon emission shore
If we  the need for fossil fuels to create electricity to charge EV’s we ignore
We will face not a bridge but a to nowhere pier
Starvation and total collapse of society will be a very really fear

© September 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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