Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Media in the Keystone State Questioning Fetterman's Ability to Perform As a Senator Given His Stroke--Demands He Debate Ozfromln


After almost two years of watching our cognitively impaired president trying to the duties of his office perform
The MSM is slowly coming around to understand that a president’s cognitive ability must not be shorn
Biden’s mental problems are probably not caused by the strokes he suffered years ago
But probably by age caused dementia that by his words and physical actions seems to daily grow
In the Senate race in Pennsylvania between a vibrant intelligent Dr. Oz and a Lt. Governor Fetterman who in May of this year suffered a stroke
Watching him avoid debates and appearances, a growing concern in the media that his ability to be a Senator may be broke
The Pittsburgh Gazette has raised the valid question if Fetterman’s communication skills have so deteriorated he is unable to debate
How can he represents the valid issues and concerns that affect the voters of this Keystone State?
Even if he had not had the stroke and to use it as a means to a debate avoid
His policies are so far to the left that Pennsylvania’s economy will be damaged if not destroyed
Pennsylvania like most states has many issues on its plate
It cannot afford another bunker like basement candidate

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