Thursday, September 1, 2022

Pay to Play Rules in Newsom's Banana Republic Contractors With $5 Billion in State Contracts Donated $1.5 Million to Newsom's Campaign


California sadly is a one party Banana Republic State
Where its governor is showered with contributions to fill his campaign plate
Seeing Newsom wined and dined maskless at the French Laundry during the pandemic
Where pay to win state contracts appears to be systemic
The top 30 vendors of contracts from the state
Received $5 billion in contracts to their bottom line sate
How much did they donate to Newsom’s sure to win campaign?
$1.5 million to insure another 4 year Newsom reign
Unless Biden strokes or sees the dementia writing on the wall that Jill can no longer hide
So Newsom still a governor can get on the campaign trail to the Oval Office try to ride
California is the holy land of the pay to play
Contribute to Newsom’s race and a lucrative contract will come your way
Even in Illinois infamous for governors being indicted
On fighting pay to play the state is much more clearsighted
If a company has a contract more than 500 grand with the state
No contributions to the governor’s race no if ands or buts end of the debate
In Newsom’s Banana Republic where political mordida is the rule of the day
Don’t hold your breath hoping that passage of a similar law would come our way
© September 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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