Thursday, September 1, 2022

Mayor Lightweight Goes Ballistic as 2 Buses of Illegals From Texas Arrive in Union Station


Mayor Lightweight is once again on her leftist rants
The first two buses with illegals from Texas to illegals on Chicago’s sidewalks plant|
Her howls that Abbot is a xenophobic racist in volume so shrill to increase
When if she we concerned over their or her residents’ safety be demanding the open border the feds cease
In Lightweight’s mind it is okay for Texas and Arizona to by hundreds of thousands of illegals be swamped
Their safety and social net services to be overwhelmed and whomped
Yet when a hundred illegals appear at Chicago’s Union Station
Lightweight becomes Chicken Little and screams the sky is falling in and heartless Abbot merits our damnation
Lightweight in terms of safety of the city’s residents is a failure beyond compare
Cannot accept blame for her role in the carnage she should share
A once great city that endured the corruption of Daly as mayor
Is falling into chaos with shootings and violent crime its suffering residents can no longer bear
As a fellow Blue our senile cognitive president might listen to your plea
Please secure the border or more voters from Chicago will flee

© September 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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