Thursday, September 1, 2022

Our Brief Unifier in a Massive Bait and Switch Attacked Reds as a Threat to Our Democracy---What a Crock!


In our woke world that even our military is prone to infect
Our band of true American Warriors we pray woke will reject
Biden was in Philadelphia to give a “soul of America” speech
With Marines behind him he wanted to us the threat to our democracy teach
In his and the Blues’ mind the threat to our democracy is not from Chinese shores
No the existential threat is MAGA Reds he warned we cannot ignore
74 million Americans voted for Trump
They need to shed any MAGA thoughts claimed Biden on the stump
Attacking a political party as one that wants to our democracy destroy
While failing to address foreign threats, open border, crime, drugs, and inflation is an act of desperation to employ
We saw a Biden under performance enhancing drugs and a teleprompter with large type
Angrily with fists closed shouting his MAGA is a dangerous threat to our democracy hype
Not sure if enhanced intolerance is one of the dementia signs
But this drug enhanced Biden his temper against Reds he cannot confine
He has lost the mental ability to in the Oval Office remain
Sadly since Harris would be much more of a total disaster we have to until 2024 Biden retain
© September 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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