Friday, September 2, 2022

Dividen Biden the Non-triskaidekaphobiac Blast MAGA Reds as the Greatest Threat to Our Democracy


Listening to Biden’s “Non Political”  Address to the nation the once “Great Unifier” was impossible to find
But with a dark red Hellish like background with Marines at attention earlier Nuremberg Rallies come to mind
This was a campaign speech for Blues pure and simple but so typical of the Dividen Biden bait and switch
Showing he is not a triskaidekaphobiac slamming 74 million  voters and tossing unity into the ditch
Almost yelling and screaming 13 times with clenched fists
That the greatest threat to our democracy due to MAGA Reds exists
The greatest threat to our democracy is not MAGA but politicized censorship
The FBI warning social media to censor stories on Hunter’s laptop as being under the Russian misinformation grip
The MSM so anxious and biased to have Trump go down in flames
Ignored completely the laptop and information about the 10% “Big Guy” and flushed it down the drain
Now we find the MSM apologizing to the nation on the ex-addict Hunter’s laptop they were wrong
Had voters been able to learn of what was on the laptop, it is almost certain Biden would not in the Oval Office belong
Trump has been vindicated in his belief that election was stolen not by voter fraud
But the politicization of the FBI and DOJ Deep State to dissemination of the laptop contents not be allowed
Having this dementia ravaged senile intolerant man as president
Is the real existential threat to our democracy for the next 2 plus years before back to Delaware we can have him sent

© September 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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