Friday, September 2, 2022

Lefties "Journalist" John Harwood Is Latest One to Feel Chris Licht's Depolarization Brown and Resigns--Lemon Next?


CNN after years of spreading leftist stench
Is finally looking in its toolbox for its return to journalism wrench
Chris Cuomo had to depart not because of his leftist rants
Or even his falling over backwards to protect his reptilian brain brother with his coverage slants
His job was on a tenuous hold until a serious sexual abuse charge against him raised
Had to be fired due to his reptilian brain being sex crazed
Heralding the new CNN, Stelter was let go due to his leftist bias that had viewers dropping like flies
An anti-Red, anti-Trump zealot who advocacy championed and objective journalism defied
CNN’s efforts to return to being a Cable News Network are not coming to an end
Another pseudo “journalist” Trump bashing John Harwood resigned before CNN could to him a pink slip send
He had the hutzpah to tweet he was proud of his work and “looking to figuring out what is next”
Best advice this poet can give is that he learn how to bias and advocacy reject
Jeff Zucker has been forced out and Chris Licht is the new newsroom sheriff in town
Charged to the amount of polarization of the news to quickly drive down
Leftist advocacy “journalists” like Don Lemon should be looking over their shoulders
That Licht’s efforts will result in their being the latest pink slip holders
The new CNN will lead the way that viewers want the news of all the events of the day
Not news turned into editorials and being forced to listen what leftist talking heads want to say

© September 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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