Friday, August 26, 2022

74 Million Trump Supporters in Biden's Cognitively Impaired Mind Have Graduated From Mere "Deplorables" To "Semi-fascists"fomillionTrump


It’s clear How To Win Friends and Influence People Biden has never read
Or if he had from his cognitively destroyed brain memories of passages have fled
From on Inauguration Day calling on unity as his goal
He quickly to the intolerant and rabid progressives has sold his soul
Somehow with bolstering injections of some kind
That give him energy and conceal the destruction of his mind
He is back on the campaign trail
Not for unity but to against MAGA Reds rail
No longer are they the over used to point of tone deaf “racists”
But a new curse worse than “deplorables” they are “semi-fascists”
Does this mean they are only fascists half the time
Able to work with Biden for half the day and the other committing fascists’ crimes?
74 million Americans voted for Trump and had the FBI not helped to the NY Post Hunter Biden story quash
How many more Americans reading about his emails and “10% to the Big Guy” would have voted to Biden’s chances squash?
We will never ever be able to find out and know
Only to accept that the grave threat to democracy is to allow Social Media and MSM censorship to grow

© August 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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