Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Castro Merchants in SFO Being Short Changed By Paying Taxes and Getting Very Little Service to Stay in Business in Return


Businesses in San Francisco who pay taxes to the city
Are plagued with sidewalks clogged with tents, used needles and feces in a sight not pretty
8,000 people in the once beautiful City by the Bay living on the streets
Addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill and some victims of economic loss and defeat
The 125 member Castro Merchants Association frustrated beyond belief
By the psychotic episodes, crime, trash, feces, urine, and drug use are demanding relief
The payment of taxes is supposed to be a two way street taxpayers expect in return
Basic municipal services like safety, sanitation, and clear sidewalks their taxes should earn
Suffering from the homeless over 100 criminal/psychotic events and damages over 170 grand
With customers unwilling to step over passed out addicts or feces or assaults by the mentally ill withstand
The Association has in a letter to the city made 3 minor first step demands
35 shelter beds for mentally ill, alcoholics and abusers of drugs banned
Monthly metrics of the services the city provides to the homeless
For those homeless who refuse services a plan to such refusals address
The Association is also demanding more police presence to crime abort
Which may be difficult as the SFPD is now 600 officers short
Many who, demoralized by the catch and release Boudin D.A. and Defund the Police trend have moved or retired
In this leftist war on the Thin Blue Line, to no one’s surprise it is more difficult to new officers hire
The only clear ray of hope
To the demoralization cope
Is that the voters came to their senses and Boudin was recalled
Along with his push for felons first, victims last be forever stalled

© August 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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