Tuesday, August 9, 2022

January 6 Committee Stalin Show Trials Going Nowhere Fast So Mar-a-Lago Raid To Bring Barring Trump From 2024 Back on Trackra


30 heavily armed FBI agents descended to serve search warrants on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate
That has unleashed a firestorm of criticism that will show no signs of beginning to abate
Pelosi chimed in that there had to be grounds to get a warrant, and no one is above the law
She must have forgotten the FISA Warrant scam obtained by the Steele Dossier that was flawed
And forgot to include the noted exception to the rule on above the law
“Unless the culprit is Hillary Rodham Clinton” icon queen of hutzpah
The January 6 Committee formed and structured to Trump for insurrection indict
Looking after months more and more like a Stalin show trial is losing that fight
In private it is believed that Biden wants the DOJ to find a way to keep Trump from running in 2024
May explain the new line of attack as the Committee sputters and the FBI is pounding at Mar-a-Lago’s door
If the DOJ can establish that Trump took classified information with him in 2021
A federal statute says his right to run again for any federal office is done
So far the DOJ has not uttered a peep
On what documents Trump knowingly took with him to keep
When someone disgraced as Andrew Cuomo rants that the FBI needs to the raid justify
Or have the January 6 Committee lose any credibility on which the public might rely
There may be some feeling in Blue circles that Biden’s marching orders to Garland may blow up in their faces
Energizing Reds to the max for the Midterms and turning out in droves to support Trump in his 2024 race

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