Thursday, August 25, 2022

Politicians Need to Be More Like Evergreens Not Changing or Shedding Their Needles of Principle


Politicians are a lot like deciduous trees
When fall comes their principles are like leaves changing colors and to the ground leave
For fall is the time for elections and the need to shift gears
To change the narrative if necessary so the voters to your side appear
Regardless of what you or your lobbyists believe
You may have to become a Potemkin village to reelection achieve
Especially in the urban inner cities and after harvesting black votes you can quit
Your “principles” quickly forgotten and as valued as a warm bucket of spit
Politics would much more refreshing if the political trees were like evergreens
Such that the needle principles would be free of the changing colors and shedding routine
What you see is what you would get and the principles would remain
Free from the lobbyists’ PAC contributions washing them down the drain
Sadly politicians are human beings and by power and wealth too easy to corrupt
So from the cries for help from constituents their ears are firmly closed shut
One would have thought that close margins would foster the art of compromise
Instead the lust for power and control is leading to its complete demise

© August 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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