Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Ghislaine Maxwell Has Newfound Friend in Prison Double Murderer Narcy Novak


Ghislaine Maxwell from a life of wealth as the lover/pimp for Epstein
Has now ended that life and started her 20 year sentence at the FCI Tallahassee prison scene
Maybe not as dangerous as male prison with its yoga and Pilate lessons but just the same
A new environment for her and with abuse of minor females added to her name
Smart enough to reach out to newfound friends to protect your back
Which she has in the form of the murderer of her husband and mother-in-law a former stripper Narcy Novak
Convicted and sentenced to life for hiring thugs to beat them both to death--husband after eyes gouged out with dumbbells
And her ex Salvador Dali model mother-in-law with a plumbers wrench but was caught when she tried to bribe a prostitute her husband was seeing not to tell
Two people dead because she thought he was having with a porn actress  an affair
And in a divorce the prenuptial agreement would not let her to his extensive wealth share
Her newfound friend can commiserate with her over the life of Riley now too soon past
Two ex-wealthy white female felons who most likely in prison their breath will be their last

© August 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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