Monday, August 29, 2022

Hochul's One Two Idiotic Displays One on Bui Van Phu Two on Reds to Florida Must Move Away


Kathy Hochul owes her position as governor due only to the Cuomo’s reptilian brain
She is incapable of displaying idiotic comments from which she cannot refrain
First she jumped off the soft on crime cashless bail bandwagon she helped create
While silent on the damage to our safety D.A.’s  Bragg and Clark are heaping on the state
When Bui Van Phu sucker punched Jesus Cortez so hard it broke his skull and put him into a coma
Still there with doctors not knowing what lasting damages he will suffer from his cranial hematoma
Hochul after Phu’s charges were almost instantaneously reduced to 3rd degree assault to walk free
Seeing a photo op moment to as a tough on crime governor safety worried New Yorkers want to see
Announced she had instructed the parole board to arrest and confine him to jail before a parole violation hearing would take place
Trying to from the voters memories that her policies put Bui Van Phu, a lifetime sexual criminal and gang member, out on the streets to attack Cortez erase
Hochul’s  latest rant that affirms she is more like  a total yokel
That New Yorkers are suffering as they get to know her too well
All Reds especially like her opponent Zeldin don’t in New York belong
They need to move to Florida where the economy is thriving and strong
Taxes are so much lower and the schools are not cursed but free
Of the damaging and divisive teachings of a misguided philosophy CRT
Another Blue divisive rant when we need unity which is so wrong
For the sake of suffering New Yorkers seeing residents and jobs flee they should vote to make her rant her swansong
© August 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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