Sunday, August 14, 2022

Jax, a K-9 in Marion County, Florida Takes a Bite Out Of Crime


For many Americans the wheels of justice seem to move too slow
But in Marion County, Florida they move as fast as a K-9 can go
Felon on probation in a stolen car
Sped away from a traffic stop like an INDY 500 star
Pursued by a deputy he came to a stop
Jumped from the car thinking he could outrun the cop
Probably this speed demon thought he could, save for one fact
In the patrol car there was a K-9 named Jax
Released from the car he was quick to chase
And very quickly ended the felon’s freedom race
Knocked the felon down and clamped down on his back with his jaws
Begging the panting deputy to call off Jax as he stopped resisting K-9 law
We all know canines are man’s best friends
Now we know they are great tools in the fight against a rising crime trend
The felon is in jail
Held without bail
Lucky to be bitten by a K-9 during his arrest
Who most likely will pass a negative rabies test

©  August 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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