Monday, August 8, 2022

Gabby Petito's Parents File Wrongful Death Suit Against Moab PD and 4 of Its Members


We all know that being a police officer is with danger fraught
Even if in a seemingly normal traffic stop there is a chance of being shot
If a suspect is resisting arrest and fighting to avoid being put in cuffs
Even if after being tased in danger of crossing the line into excessive force from not enough
Laundrie and Petito were stopped by the police in Moab, Utah
Despite a 911 call about his striking her and bruise marks officers felt he had not broken the law
They did not arrest him and let them both go free
Soon after her life was ended at the hands of Brian Laundrie
Had they made an arrest Gabby might have realized the danger that was present
And left him in Utah and back to the safety of her home quickly went
So today it probably came as no surprise the her parents filed a wrongful death suit
Against the Moab PD, its former police chief, his then assistants and two cops who made the stop for $50 million in lootThe two officers must already be awash in guilt and shame
Even before the suit filed probably feeling for her death they were to blame
Moab is a small town on less than 5000 souls and suspect its liability insurance will not cover a $50 million claim
Hopefully  a settlement is reached with a large amount of any proceeds going to proceeds going to the PD to recognize domestic abuse train

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