Saturday, August 20, 2022

Kitson, a Boutique Clothing Store in Beverly Hills Also Plagued by Smash and Grab, Will Not Let You Enter Wearing Even a COVID MaskI


Across the country the outrage over mask mandates increases with no hint it will subside
Much larger percentage of the population vaccinated and COVID-19 hospitalizations are receding like an outgoing tide
In the schools finally the Teachers’ Unions mask mandate iron grip
Is weakening and showing signs it is starting to slip
As more and more evidence surfaces that mask wearing is detrimental to a child’s growth of developmental mental skills
It should come as no surprise despite the need to hold on to power mask mandates are being killed
In the retail business sector awash in the wave of smash and grab lootings
Looters wearing masks identification by surveillance cameras is subject to refuting
In swank Beverly Hills where wealth to smash and grab has not been able to prevent
Kitson, a boutique clothing store there, the owner will not your entering wearing a mask consent
Unless you have made a prior appointment
To come and empty your wallet on the high prices you will have spent
© August 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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