Monday, August 29, 2022

Harris No Longer Uses Word Salad to Answer Questions Now Refuses to Answer and Pivots to Trump Supporters Attack


Our VP Kamala Harris when she speaks is the queen of the word salad
Hard to believe she a stroke beat away from a mental semi-invalid
Ridiculed by the media even some from the left of nonsensical words rambling from her lips
Like a person who on the ability to rationally speak or respond has lost her grip
So now when it comes to questions from the press she has a new tact
Simply doesn’t answer and pivots to a platitude to avoid the ensuing attack
On Biden’s vote buying plan also known as the 10-20 grand forgiveness of student debt
We are all awaiting a response on how he can legally do this and how it is to be paid yet
From the word salad queen no answer only on Trump’s tax cut a blistering attack
She must have forgot it was passed by Congress not like Biden’s Executive Order track
How dare the people who benefited from the tax cut even those who received only Pelosi crumbs
Could attack student debt relief Biden campaigned on and be so dumb
To criticize forgiveness that will help students buy a house and a family start
Total non-response on an illegal act that inflation will raise off the charts
We are not mushrooms and don’t deserved to be fed BS and kept in the dark
We need answers not the word salad gibberish that is this V.P.’s hallmark
At minimum we should learn the cost and the average loan balance that still is outstanding
If less than ten grand the forgiveness is clearly only vote buying grandstanding
Worse it incentivizes colleges to raise tuition faster
So in 5 or so years we will be facing the same taxpayer bailout disaster

© August 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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