Friday, August 26, 2022

Niki Haley Unleashes a Cease and Desist After Axios Publishes Her Stand With America Donor List


Lois Lerner found in contempt by Congress and in the center of the IRS’s attack on Tea Party 501(c) (3)’s
Has resigned in disgrace from the IRS and in the public eye we rarely see
But her ideas of repression survive as the acts of the leftist rag Axios has shown
A person’s federal tax returns are supposed to be secret until by Axios they were blown
Niki Haley has recently formed a PAC Stand for America, Inc.
To support the election of Red candidates and contest leftist policies that stink
Somehow a watch dog group Documented got a copy of its donor list
And leaking it the leftist rag Axios could not resist
Axios published the list of anonymous donors on Friday and Haley was quick to react
Her instinct was to like the left no more Nice Guy and fight back
Hit them with a cease and desist letter
Demanding release of information of IRS filings be fettered
Axios defended its actions as being in the public interest
When in reality is not that but rather one the most simplest
Expose the identity of conservative donors to make them more likely to not contribute
To make it easier for the left to silence voices that that their dangerous ideas refute

© August 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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