Wednesday, August 10, 2022

China Beating the War Drums While Biden Sits Idly By


The disaster of having a weak and cognitively impaired president is coming home to roost
As China emboldened continues to its warlike games and moves continues to boost
Live fire exercises near Taiwan’s shores aping a preinvasion stance
Trying to cower Taiwan to fold so the invasion forces across the Taiwan Strait do not advance
Trying to by Taiwan a hostile act provoke
So the Chinese can the justification of a military response invoke
Since China in the Security Council of the UN has a veto
That debating society would be powerless to invasion halt or even slow
On supplying Taiwan with U.S. weapons Biden is aping his Ukraine Day Late and Dollar Short
China wants its breakaway province back and no sanctions will cause it to abort
Only if the mountainous nation with few beaches on which to an invasion force land
Has enough advanced jets, surface to air and land to ship missile to an invasion force withstand
Will China not with an invasion that would be a bloodbath show its military hand
If it threatens to turn Taiwan into a devasted wasteland
Probably will stiffen Taiwan’s independence resolve
Will have to infiltrate and corrupt Taiwan and its institution to a force for unification evolve
They would have to use the financial and freedom carrot rather than the military stick
The question is whether they could pull it off after Hong Kong revealing the Treaty with the U.K. was a trick
If a majority of Taiwan’s population vote or are seduced to vote to unify
Our hands will be tied and Biden will be sighing relief and not the unification defy

© August 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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