Monday, August 8, 2022

31 Times Convicted Criminal 8 Times As a Felon Arrested For Stealing Truck and Ramming Cop's Car When He Should Still Have Been Behind Barsand in shcotla anl t#1


Our criminal justice system seems infected with a death wish to let felons go free
If prosecuted which is not always by Soros financed D.A.’s guaranteed
Then convicted they are either not put behind bars or quickly released back into the community
Where even on supervised parole or probation they continue their crime sprees
Another classic case a failed criminal justice in terms of safety to enhance
In the 6th largest city in Washington Kent faced the failure to against crime a firm stance
Cop tried to pull over a truck during a traffic stop but failed when he sped away
Cop was handcuffed by restrictions to chase but later that day
Learned the truck was stolen and he followed it to a cul-de-sac
Tried to block him from leaving on his way back
The driver slammed into the police car that freed the cop to chase
The driver escaped by driving through several yards before into another cul-de-sac to end his escape race
This 31 time convicted 8 times as a felon tried to flee on foot but failed
With a rap sheet like this a citizen might wonder why he not in prison or jail
With a higher than the national crime average in Kent
Another example where the results of the insanity on lack of incarceration went

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