Saturday, August 13, 2022

Underfunded and Overworked CPD Now Providing Protection For Film Crews Filming in Chicago


Chicago is suffering from the biggest violent crime wave yet
But the safest place to be thanks to Mayor Lightweight is near a movie set
Shooting movies as opposed to innocent victims brings the city needed cash
No director in his right mind will want to film if nearby the bullets crash
Office duty police swamped with overtime have run out of gas
Unwilling to make their work week with set protection off duties longer last
Residents of color are without grease to oil the squeaky wheel
But the City of Chicago is happy to protect the cameramen and their reels
The thin Blue Line thanks to Lightweight and a Gascon, Boudin and Bragg Kim Fox
Is getting thinner all the time as too many thugs are not prosecuted or while waiting from jail their release unblocked
The city needs more cops with their hands in fighting crime not tied
To see thugs they have arrested for good cause released to have more crimes tried
Movies have become unreal where criminals are caught, tried and sent to prison away
But the reality off the set is that too often not caught and if so back home the next day

© August 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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