Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Why the Sounds of Silence from Biden on China's Threats on Pelosi's Visit


On Pelosi’s trip to Asia with a Taiwan stop
That when learned China demanded it be lopped
The visit to Taiwan was made known due to a White House leak
Did someone leak knowing it would outrage China and make Biden appear weak?
Or was Biden behind it knowing it was an opportunity with falling ratings to be strong?
Then belatedly realizing that China on Hunter’s business dealing would the conductor of any song
From Biden almost total silence on Pelosi’s right to be there as China sabers rattled
He seemed weak and left mouthing some wishy washy prattle
Did China have the goods on Hunter so embarrassing that Biden so close to a Red Wave is letting them pull his chain?  A Manchurian Candidate subject to Chinese control over his deteriorating portions of his brain
Do not want to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon that our president has been compromised
But Senator Grassley has raised the same question when criticism to China’s threat met a quick Biden demise
She is safe and will return in one piece to us back
With the only actual damage to Taiwan is that China has banned a host of Taiwanese snacks
At least once again we have been reminded that China is an existential threat
If we remain complacent the damage to our economy and standing, we will long regret

© August 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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