Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Two Months After African American Justine Jones Was Unanimously Hired As City Manager and One Month After the Five Person Police Department and Two Town Clerks Resigned Citing Hostile Workplace Ms Jones Is Fired by a Vote of 3-2


In June the City Council of Kenly, North Carolina a town of 2400 souls
Unanimously hired Justine Jones over 3O candidates to fill Kenly’s City Manager role
Ms Jones is an African American with prior city public service jobs for 16 years
In her last job she was fired and sued for gender and racial discrimination that at her workplace she claimed had appeared
In late July the town’s 5 person police force and 2 town clerks resigned
Citing a hostile workplace and Ms. Jones they maligned
Now after an investigation by a vote of 3-2 the Kenly City Council let Ms. Jones go
The Kenly Mayor sad the investigation did not a toxic workplace show
But it was time to pursue a different direction and to a new City Manager hire
The former cops and town clerks will not be able to their former jobs aspire
The population of Kenly is 36% white, 20% Hispanic and 36% black
Wonder after being so quickly fired how easy it will be for another City Manager to attract
Also, with 2 black members of the City Council what racial tensions may be under a calm façade
Waiting for a spark to ignite the divisive forces to the peace and wellbeing run roughshod

© August 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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