Thursday, August 18, 2022

Magistrate Rules Affidavits Justifying Warrants to Be Released Subject to a Hearing on What Redactions If Any Will Be Permittedwig i


The magistrate who issued the warrant authorizing the search of Trump’s Mar-a Lago estate
Has ruled that the DOJ has failed to in its motion to sealing the affidavits seeking the warrant validate
It will have to produce the redactions by August 25 it proposes to make
In the interests of transparency and the threat to a fair midterms for our sake
The redactions the magistrate will allow should be very few and very limited
As more and more our once vaunted objective FBI has politicization permitted
Our democracy warned long ago by our founding fathers to be a condition frail
Will come to an end if preventing a politicization of our FBI and DOJ we fail
It is already under assault by the months long show trial masquerading as an investigation
When more and more with Pelosi picking all its members looks like its only mission to send Trump and Reds into political damnation
An October surprise early to help Blues retain control
Especially in the Senate so a senile Biden can add to liberal judges roll
Magistrate Reinhart in ruling what should be redacted must carefully tread
To ensure any hint of anti-Trump bias in ruling is clearly shed
Despite however the warrant was a breach of normal subpoena path
We hope that the affidavits justified probable cause finding to tone down any wrath

© August 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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