Sunday, August 21, 2022

Sanity in Kettle Moraine School District's Banning of BLM and Gay Pride and Other Political Slogans in Classrooms


School used to be a place where students first learned Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
Today the 3 R’s pushed aside for Gender Identity, CRT and all manner of PC political rhetoric
Pledge of Alliance becoming a rarity and Project 1619 rewriting the our history books
Money spent not to teach but reveal our founders’ racist past so schools renamed and founders’ contributions overlooked
The Star Spangled Banner still flies but no longer alone
Gay Pride and Black Lives Matter flutter in the breeze to make us for our racism and intolerance atone
Finally in this wave of history rewrite and CRT
A school board in Wisconsin restores a bit of needed sanity
The Kettle Moraine School Board serving Waukesha County in Wisconsin
Has ruled Gay Pride, Black Lives Matter and political signs like Badge Support in classrooms don’t belong in
Watch the firestorm from the left quickly erupt
Banning anti racist messages or CRT is completely corrupt
Schools are the upcoming battleground where conservative parents need to put in skin
Attend school board meetings and enter in school board elections conservative candidate that will win
© August 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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