Thursday, August 18, 2022

Parents and Alums Outrage Caused Harpeth Hall to Pause Its Proposed Admissions Change to Have Allowed Males Who Identify As Females ApplywsueDu


Harpeth Hall a pricey elite all-girls school in Tennessee was in the news
When to further its “diversity goals” it announced a change it would quickly rue
Now admission would be open to any male who identifies as a female
The criticism was almost immediate with the force of a huge storm hail
The proposal was not shelved only paused
Which unless alums and parents remain vigilant despite its flaws
It may be reinstated despite all manner of parental objection
Parents are stepping up the ante and demanding those who proposed should be subject to employment rejection
Schools like so many of our institutions once cherished and revered
Have a never ending onslaught of Woke policies and demands on their campuses appear
We are spending already so much money in our urban school for what our students will earn
Increasing percentage of dropouts and a degree despite lacking reading, writing and math skills they failed to learn
Instead of listening to the teachers’ union tyrants pushing a Woke agenda while more money demanded
We should be allowing school choice, school vouchers and charter schools to be expanded
The unions with shutdown mandates have 2 years of education of our kids killed
And yet they blind believe parents and students should accede to their demands still
© August 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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