Saturday, August 27, 2022

Texas Is Busing a Mere Drop in the Bucket of Number of Illegals Daily Crossing Into the Nation and NYC and Washington, D.C. Are Apoplexic


NYC and Washington, D.C. are both sanctuary cities where illegals can feel
That ICE will never appear after being released from jail since the jailers cannot reveal
The welcome mat is open to all illegals vetted or not
Regardless of the crimes for which they have served or are being sought
That is until now as Texas fed up with Biden’s open border
Creating all manner of human trafficking, drugs, crime and waves of false illegal asylum seekers disorder
Is now loading buses and telling those mayors to put your money where your policies are
And accept a mere drop in the bucket of illegals we have had to cope with this far
1500 and the two majors are begging for National Guard help and blaming Texas but not a peep
Of outrage over Biden’s policy of a wide open “you are welcome here as illegals” with no remorse wanting to keep
In NYC Adams is in a tizzy and uproar that 14 hotels have had to take illegals in
While the MSM ignores the crisis and it’s the border states’ fault spin
The governors of Texas and Arizona have been pleading for the feds to help the border secure
So far only Mayorkas’ false assertion of no problems since “the border is closed” sinecure
NPR another leftist member funded by taxpayers is ranting illegals are being bused with no plans on what should happen next
Ignoring demands to reinstate Trump era plans including completion of the border wall that had illegals’ crossings largely in check
© August 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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