Thursday, August 25, 2022

Zuckerberg on Joe Rogan's Podcast Details FBI Efforts to Have Facebook Ban the NY Post Bombshell on Hunter Biden Laptop


The stench for the bias of the FBI gets stronger each day
Another revelation that the bias is not going away
Zuckerberg who has been castigated for restricting the revelations about Hunter’s laptop
Unlike Twitter that completely banned the New York Post’s exposé Facebook filtered the news so number of viewers of it dropped
He asserted the FBI approached him to warn the laptop story was Russian propaganda that should be banned
Clearly keeping or restricting access to steer the election to Biden must have been what the FBI planned
The story that Hunter’s laptop was a Russian plant was clearly false
But the top levels of the FBI were dancing to the tunes of the anti-Trump waltz
We will never know how many Biden votes would have been changed
But clearly the FBI intended the results of the election to rearrange
Wray has completely failed to end the perception of biased slant
With zero credibility in dealings with Trump look for allegations damning papers were a FBI plant
We are facing a sad and dangerous state of affairs
If the DOJ and FBI are no longer blind, objective and fair

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