Tuesday, August 16, 2022

FBI Demand the Surveillance Cameras Be Turned Off Which Demand Was Refused

“Democracy Dies in Darkness” the masthead of the NYT proclaims
Without light so hard to the forces of tyranny see and tame
But democracy also faces death when filming the acts of the FBI
The agents demand the cameras be turned off so illegal behavior easier to deny
The warrant execution in Mar-a-Lago was like a smash and grab
Without the smash but everything in sight nabbed
And anything behind locked doors opened with keys
Along with a cracked open safe to be quickly seized
Trump supporters on turning off the surveillance refused to comply
The public will be able to see in action their once respected FBI
Swalwell ranting that if tapes not released of something Trump guilty be
Seeing the agents rummaging through Melania’s nightgowns hopefully not sniffing will be something to see
What Reds like to call a raid will be a lightning rod for Blues and Reds
As we head down a path where all civility and compromise has been shed

© August 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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